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What is the first thing you check after waking up every morning?

If you’re like me, then it would that screen you carry around in your pocket every single day no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing.

This little device…

Finding perspective on an abstract technology.

Changing description at the bottom of a ten dollar bill over time

Before getting into topics you don’t care one bit about (let’s be honest), I want you to answer these four questions:

  1. What does the money that you use represent?
  2. Are there properties that make it “real” money compared to “fake” money?
  3. How do you…
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Shiba Inus are hard to hate. Pairing a cryptocurrency with popular memes back in 2013 sparked a growing movement continuing to this day.

Dogecoin, using the slang term “doge” for dog, went on an epic price run over the past couple of months. Returns have rivaled that of GameStop, and…

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Whether you’ve heard their names (Ethereum, Dogecoin, even XRP) or not, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence today.

With so many options, how can we determine which cryptocurrencies might be around in the future? For one, the market gets to decide winners and losers. Just like in the GameStop…

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Writing about Bitcoin, crypto, and everything finance related.

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